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Lighting is becoming a very popular home improvement project. Installing new lights can range from installing a new light bar above your bathroom sink to installing all new recessed light fixtures throughout your home. GSP Restoration has been assisting our customers with choosing, installing and maintaining the lighting in their homes for over a decade.

There are more lighting choices available today than at any other time. The industry has really expanded in recent years. This has allowed room for many more choices in terms of lights for your home. Lighting can fall into many different styles. Some of these include: fluorescent, landscaping, outdoor, recessed, light bars and track lighting.

Installing new outdoor lights on the exterior of your home can greatly improve the curb appeal of any home.  With the style choices available today you can easily match the style of your home. Another option is to add security lights around your home. These can be motion activated or switch activated. Some security systems even have them tied into the alarm to illuminate the exterior of a home if the alarm sounds.

Fluorescent lights are another type of light that is gaining in popularity. The main reasons for this are energy conservation and maintenance. The fluorescent light takes much less energy to operate than just about all other types of light. This is especially true with incandescent and halogen lights. Maintenance is also decreased because fluorescent bulbs have a very long life when compared to other types of lights.

Recessed lights vary upon their intended application. There are some models that are made to be installed only during new construction and some models that are designed for remodeling work. Another type of difference is for their contact with attic insulation. Only certain models are made for direct contact with insulation, these models are designed with a thermal shut off switch if the lights get too hot.

Track lighting offers many advantages over other types of lighting. This is primarily due to costs. The track itself only has to be wired in one spot in order to provide power to the entire track. This will dramatically lower the cost of installation. Another reason is because track lighting can be installed quickly. Unlike other types of lighting, track lights are installed on the outside of the ceiling instead of being installed inside the ceiling.

Bathrooms normally require special lighting. This comes in the form of light bars, water proof casings and heater combinations. Light bars are strip lights that are normally found above bathroom vanities. Waterproof casings are required near a shower. Heater combinations are lights that have built in heaters and sometimes integrated into the bathroom exhaust fans.

The different styles of lights described in this article are just some of the possible choices that GSP Restoration can assist you with. We have the knowledge and experience to install any type of light available on the market today.


Visit our Lighting Photo Gallery




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