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In this gallery we present pictures that will show the preparation process that we typically perform before interior painting. This includes masking, caulking, spackling, sanding and priming.


First thing we do when starting an interior painting is to mask the floors

Bathroom that has been completely masked off to prevent overspray

Rosin paper is used to protect hardwood floors from paint splatters All floors are masked off to prevent any damage from occurring
Brick chimney was masked using plastic and blue painter's tape Closer view of masking at the top of a brick chimney
These windows were masked using plastic and tape prior to painting Sliding glass door masked using plastic
This shower was masked completely prior to the repairs being performed Shower doors are completely covered to prevent paint splatters
This built in entertainment center was sealed tightly to prevent any overspray from seeping in Kitchen cabinets were masked to protect food and dishes
Sanding and priming in this kitchen were performed only after the room was completely sealed in plastic Painter's paper was used in this kitchen to protect the cabinets
Proper masking of a stone fireplace in this living room Another option when masking a fireplace is to use painter's paper
Furniture is moved into the center of the room prior to painting
After moving the furniture to the center of the room it is masked off using plastic and tape
Hanging light in this dining room is masked off using plastic and tape Proper masking of a ceiling fan and mirrored doors
Closet mirrored doors are properly masked using painter's paper and plastic The mirror, light and medicine cabinet in this bathroom are properly masked off
This bedroom is completely masked off using plastic, rosin paper and painter's blue tape This bedroom has been masked, sanded and is now ready for painting
Main Photo Gallery > Interior Preparation

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