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In this gallery we present pictures that will show the process of acoustic scraping and re-spraying. Acoustic ceilings are also known as popcorn ceilings. Also included are pictures of popcorn ceilings that were scraped and replaced with other textures.


Close-up view of a light acoustic texture

Close-up view of a heavy acoustic texture

Old popcorn texture was scraped and re-textured with knockdown
The joint seams had to be floated with joint compound after the popcorn ceiling was scraped
Typical of what a ceiling looks like after acoustic has been scraped A hallway that has been scraped and the seams have been floated
Popcorn ceiling scrape has just begun in this living room Water damage to this popcorn ceiling made it necessary to scrape
Often water stains can be painted over without having to scrape If the water stain is severe enough the acoustic will have to be scraped
Water stain on acoustic ceiling will require priming before re-painting Oil based sealer will ensure stain will not show through after painting
Acoustic ceiling in hallway has been sealed and re-painted white New acoustic "popcorn" texture has just been applied by air pressure
The room is encased in plastic to protect the surrounding areas Every item is masked off completely. Even this recessed light fixture
Main Photo Gallery > Acoustic Texture

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