Impact Damage Repairs

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Impact damage refers to a large object striking your home unexpectedly. This could be from a tree falling onto your home during a wind storm, or from a vehicle losing control and running into your home.

When dealing with impact damage repairs you need to obtain permits from the local building department. Since building codes can vary from city to city it helps to hire a general contractor that has a large service area. This is where a company like GSP Restoration can make all the difference.

Just like most specialty types of repairs. Impact damage requires a certain level of competence and experience that most general contractors are not familiar with. The majority of impact related damage involves some degree of structural repairs. This involves the use of distinctive tools and equipment. As well as a workforce that is familiar with the proper use of them.

If the impact repairs are not performed in the correct manner it could lead to even more damage to your home, and more costs and aggravation to you down the road. These are just a few of the reasons why GSP Restoration should be your only choice for impact loss related damages to your home.

Insurance claims are often filed in terms of impact damage repairs. GSP Restoration has extensive experience in assisting homeowners with filing claims for these types of losses.

Due to our level of experience we can help you to move the claim process along by pointing out those items that may be overlooked by your insurance provider. This can make all the difference in whether or not your insurance company pays the claim or not.

Impact Damage Repairs

Visit our Impact Damage Photo Gallery




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