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Fireplace contractor

Fireplaces are used in colder climates throughout the world, and have traditionally been a central feature of the household, as it gives warmth to aid survival through an extended winter. The sensation of direct heat, and the mesmerizing leaps and flickers of a wood fire, make its use enjoyable in cold conditions even today.

In many places, coal, wood or peat burning fires are being replaced by cleaner and often safer natural gas fueled fireplaces and electric fireplaces. Some government agencies have placed a partial ban on solid fuel burning fireplaces based upon air pollution concerns. Gas fireplaces very often burn off a small amount of their fuel in a flickering display meant to recall that of a wood fire.

Alternatively, flame-shaped paper streamers wave vertically in the air, held up by the updraft produced by a heating element. In recent years, Vent-less Gel Fireplaces have received quite a bit of attention. They are a free standing fireplace requiring no chimney and no hearth, but they add fireplace ambiance to any room and they produce a considerable amount of heat.

As a result, people gather around a fireplace for conversation and family bonding. After the workday, it is often the place where a family meets at night before retiring to sleep. A modern fireplace usually serves as an element to enhance the grandeur of an interior space rather than as a heat source. Today, fireplaces of varying quality, materials and style are available worldwide.

Masonry (brick or stone fireplaces and chimneys) with or without tile lined flues. Tiles are used to line the flue to keep the corrosive combustion products from eating away the chimney flue lining. Un-reinforced masonry chimneys do not stand up to earthquakes well.

Manufactured or 'Prefab' fireplace with sheet metal fire box and double or triple walled metal pipe running up inside a wood framed chase with a chase cover and cap/spark arrestor at the top to keep birds out and sparks in. Within about one hundred meters from salt water this type of chimney is subject to rusting. Otherwise it's competitive to the masonry chimney.

Mantels or fireplace mantels can be the focus of custom interior decoration. A mantel traditionally offers a unique opportunity for the architect/designer to create a personal statement unique to the room they are creating. The choice of material for the mantel includes such rich materials as marble, limestone, granite, or fine woods. Certainly the most luxurious of materials is marble. Today many of those fine materials are no longer available, however many other beautiful materials can be found world wide.

As skilled licensed general contractors we have many solutions available for your home fireplace projects, on a strict budget.  GSP Restoration can help in many ways with the overall reduction of costs on your fireplace or fireplace mantel project. If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a free estimate in regards to fireplaces or any other project you may have. You can click on the following link to find out the various ways to contact us.

Fireplace Contractor

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