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Drywall can be broken down into 4 main categories. They are drywall installation, drywall repairs, mudding and plaster repairs. GSP Restoration has professional crews that can perform all of these types of drywall.

Plaster had been the main method of wall construction for over a hundred years. The application of plaster was a tedious process consisting of many hours of skilled and not so skilled labor. The main disadvantage of plaster was that overtime it can develop many cracks due to the settling of the home. These cracks lead to an uneven surface in the plaster, making people think that your home was built by amateurs.

The invention of drywall revolutionized the wallboard industry forever. One of the reasons for this is that drywall comes in a variety of sizes and functions. From 1/4” drywall that is used to smooth out rough ceilings to 5/8” drywall that is used as a fire stop between flammable areas of your home. The most common type of drywall found in homes these days is 1/2” drywall.

Fire rated drywall is normally found in garages and between apartments or condos. A layer of it between the living areas and the garage is required by modern building codes. The building codes in your area will determine how much of a fire rating is required. If installed properly, 1 layer of fire rated drywall should provide at least a 20 minute window for you and your loved ones to evacuate the home.

Some types of drywall are resistant to mold. The paper facing that attracts mold has been replaced with fiberglass that repels mold. This type of drywall is most often found in the “wet areas” of your home.  These are the kitchens, bathrooms, & laundry rooms. Mold resistant drywall is more expensive than regular drywall, but it will help to add some piece of mind especially in those areas that are prone to developing mold.

The smaller thicknesses of drywall are intended to smooth out severely cracked areas or to go around a curve. Sometimes it is best to add a thin layer of drywall to severely damaged or cracked walls and ceilings to conceal cracks. Other alternatives would include completely removing heavily damaged walls and adding a new layer of drywall.

Drywall repairs seems to be one of the most requested services that we offer. This is mainly due to the complexity of matching textures. Textures range from smooth coat to heavy knockdown texture. It takes years of practice before you can apply these textures properly. Even more experience is necessary if you are trying to blend a repaired section of drywall with drywall that was installed decades before.

GSP Restoration offers many solutions to your drywall repair or drywall installation needs. We have the crews, the knowledge and the training to handle any size job that you may have. If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a free estimate in regards to drywall or any other project you may have. You can click on the following link to find out the various ways to contact us.

Drywall Contractor

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