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An impressive home needs an impressive entrance. So do impressive rooms. One way to make sure that you wow your guests even before they enter your home is to have well designed doors installed.

The door to your home or a particular room usually sets the mood or tone of the interior design. If you are going for the modern look with state of the art interiors, then you can go for doors made of aluminum or stainless steel. There are also those that are made of glass. Indeed glass doors are not just for malls, clinics or commercial establishments. Who says you can’t use them for your home? If you have contemporary furnishings with smooth finishes and glass windows, then a glass door would definitely complement your interiors perfectly. The same also goes for the fiberglass door.

For a more traditional look to your home, then you can opt for wood. They may sport a smooth varnished finish that will boost the natural wood design or you can have it painted to match room color or contrast with your walls and interiors. The more elaborate types come carved with various designs from the baroque to the oriental. They are great as front door entrances and will certainly give a great first impression for your guests. These can be made out of mahogany or walnut.

French doors are also among the more popular types that are being used for the average homes. They are mostly wood but with the more defined square and rectangular designs. They work best for bedrooms and of course the front entrance.

If you are working with less space then you may want to consider getting pocket doors installed. These are those that conveniently slide into the wall. You need not push them inward or outward, thus they will use up less space. These types of entrances work best for the dining room area, the laundry room and the bathroom. They are also great for small condominium apartment units as they are great for space saving.

When making your choice of which type of door to purchase for your home then you can start by consulting your interior designer and your contractor. Find out which type of door will help you achieve the mood and the look that you want for your home. To get a clearer picture of your choices, you can make the rounds of home depots and start browsing the web for the different types of doors that you can purchase online.

The cost of having a door installed will range greatly depending on what type of door you decide to install. Since most interior doors are hollow they tend to be less expensive than exterior doors. Exterior doors made of solid wood like oak will cost a considerable amount more than doors made from fiberglass or a composite material.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a free estimate in regards to bathroom remodeling or any other project you may have. You can click on the following link to find out the various ways to contact us.

Door Contractor

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