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Bay Area General Contractor

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      California Bay Area general contractor

GSP Restoration Incorporated is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor serving the California Bay Area. We were founded in 1978 with the goal of providing excellent service at affordable prices.

Trust in the Community: GSP Restoration has been building its reputation in the California Bay Area as a Quality General Contractor for the past 34 years.  Feel free to ask your friends and neighbors about us, visit their homes, walk around your community� you will see for yourself that our experience is shown through the quality of our work.

Affordable Prices: With over 34 years of experience behind us. We have been able to streamline the process of providing Excellent Customer Service and keeping costs low at the same time.

Licensing: We are fully licensed by the State of California. By being licensed we have already passed rigid testing as required by the state. Unlicensed contractors are notorious for collecting money from customers and not providing the services they promise.

Insurance: We have multiple types of insurances to protect property owners from potential problems. Our general liability insurance alone protects all the properties we service for up to 2 million dollars per property.

Background Checks: All of our employees have had thorough background checks throughout their employment with us. Most General Contractors do not bother with this step. GSP Restoration has a policy of only hiring the best and most experienced people available.

Certified Workers: All of our crew members have had extensive training with regard to identifying dangerous toxins such as lead, mold and asbestos. They have also been trained on proper safety procedures to protect you and your family from these dangerous items.

By hiring GSP Restoration for your next project, you can save yourself from some of the horror stories you may have heard from your family and friends about hiring unlicensed General Contractors.

For other related services such as roofing and roof repairs, please check out or partners that can provide you with a free consultation and evaluation, for more go here.

Bay Area General Contractor

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Call Today (510) 445-1700

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Main: (510) 445-1700
Fax:   (510) 687-1673

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  California Bay Area general contractor California Bay Area general contractor California Bay Area general contractor

Additional information on hiring a professional general contractor.

This information is intended to assist homeowners in hiring a general contractor. This will help to insure that you select the right general contractor for your home improvement project. This article will also provide you with the necessary tools on how to determine the quality of a remodeling company.

The proper selection of a general contractor is the most important element of your home repair project. When you start the planning process for your remodeling project, choosing a remodeling company to bid on the project should involve serious planning and thought.

Unfortunately, some homeowner�s primary concern is the total price of the work and not the capability of the general contractor. This approach encourages under qualified home remodelers to submit unrealistically low estimates for a project that is beyond their current abilities.

This makes it difficult for the qualified and legitimate general contractors to compete for the remodeling project. Frequently, the homeowner is the one that will suffer by hiring the unqualified remodeler. They will often have to deal with delays, poor workmanship and possibly even the remodeling project not being completed.

Some homeowners may decide to perform the remodeling themselves instead of hiring a general contractor in hopes of lowering their costs. The results often don�t turn out this way. A quality general contractor has the tools, equipment and professional know-how to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time and for a fair price.

Most homeowners realized, after they did the remodeling themselves, that they actually lost money by having to rent or buy special tools and equipment. In addition, they inevitably spent a lot of time and additional money by having to go back over their work in order to complete their home remodeling to their specifications.

The estimates submitted by the general contractors should be highly detailed and itemized. This makes it easier to compare bids from different general contractors. This will also ensure that the remodeling project you are expecting and paying for is the same as what the remodeling company is going to perform.

One of the most important factors in determining what home improvement company is right for the remodeling of your home can be obtained from referrals. Previous customers are an excellent source of information about a general contractor. Contact these individuals and ask if they were pleased with the performance of the construction crews and the overall performance of the remodeling company.

We hope this information will help you select a general contractor that will perform the repairs to your home in a professional manner.